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Valerian Supplements for Sleep and Anxiety

Valerian is a popular herbal supplement ingredient that targets sleep and anxiety, it appears in nighttime tea blends and as part of sleep-boosting capsules. Today, we’ll overview whether or not the ingredient is clinically backed as an effective supplement.

Health Claims

Valerian is marketed as a tool for relieving insomnia-like symptoms and aiding in general calmness throughout the day. Most valerian supplements have health claims related to falling asleep faster and waking up fewer times throughout the night, similar to a melatonin supplement.

Valerian is also thought to help with symptoms of anxiety and stress and may help to promote general calmness and aid in stress management during particularly hectic periods.

The Evidence

As with most natural supplements, the clinical research for valerian is limited by small sample sizes and a lack of controlled studies.

It seems that valerian supplements may anecdotally help with falling asleep faster, but there are few reports that it lessens sleep disturbances. Some people have reported improvements in anxiety levels and other health concerns, such as menstrual cramps, restlessness, and even chronic fatigue symptoms.

Finding Valerian

Overall, valerian appears to be a helpful supplement in promoting calm and potentially improving sleep health.

If you are interested in taking valerian, you can find it in capsule form from most health food or supplement suppliers. It is also available in calming nighttime teas, such as those by Twinnings or Teapigs, which both offer blends with valerian.

As always, you should speak with medical professionals before taking any new supplements. Valerian can interact with some medications and other supplements, so it is important to check carefully before adding it to your routine.

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