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Step-by-Step Guide to Strong Product Claims

Product claims are the foundation of marketing consumer products, but their creation can seem complicated or out of reach for brands to validate their claims. We provide a detailed account of the step-by-step process of creating strong product claims. We'll focus on the initial stages, from ideation and research to claim formulation and substantiation, shedding light on the vital details that shape compelling and trustworthy messaging for consumers.

Ideation and Research

Creating strong product claims begins with an idea about how a formula should affect consumers and meticulous research. Consumer brands collaborate with experts, marketers, and a digital CRO to delve deep into the product's unique selling points. Brainstorming sessions and market research help identify the product's standout features and benefits.

The team gains valuable insights into consumer preferences and needs by analyzing data and conducting competitor research. Understanding these factors is critical to tailoring the product claims to address specific concerns.

Claim Formulation

Once the research phase is complete, the exciting process of claim formulation begins. The information gathered is distilled into clear, concise, and impactful statements highlighting the product's key advantages. Crafting compelling claims requires a delicate balance of creativity and accuracy.

A digital CRO can often play a pivotal role in this step. Armed with scientific knowledge and expertise in consumer psychology, they work alongside the brand to articulate claims that resonate with the target audience. These claims are designed by CROs with extensive experience in successful product claims, and can therefore be tailored to capture consumer attention.

Claims Substantiation

While creative claims are important, ensuring their credibility is equally crucial. Claims substantiation is a rigorous stage that involves supporting each claim with robust evidence. It's not enough to make bold statements; they must be backed up with reliable data, scientific research, or clinical studies.

The digital CRO collaborates closely with the brand's research and development team to gather relevant data and evidence. This meticulous process ensures that the claims are not just marketing slogans but trustworthy promises. Claims substantiation also plays a crucial role in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Compliance and Regulation

Before product claims can see the light of day, they must pass through a series of compliance and regulation checks. These checks are essential to protect consumers from misleading or false information.

Working in tandem with regulatory experts, the digital CRO reviews and validates the claims. This process ensures that the product claims comply with the guidelines set by organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Meeting these standards is also vital for establishing trust and credibility with consumers.

Claim and Message Optimization

With substantiated claims and regulatory compliance in place, it's time to put the product claims to the test. Message testing involves evaluating the claims through consumer surveys, focus groups, and A/B testing.

The digital CRO collects feedback from target audiences to gauge their reactions and understanding of the claims. This invaluable feedback helps optimize the messaging, ensuring it is clear, resonates with consumers, and aligns with their needs. The process of testing, refining, and retesting ensures that the product claims are powerful and effective.

Wrapping Up

Creating strong product claims is a meticulous process that demands creativity, scientific rigor, and compliance with regulations. The initial stages of ideation, research, claim formulation, and substantiation lay the foundation for compelling and trustworthy messaging.

By collaborating with a reputable digital CRO, consumer brands can confidently deliver product claims that capture consumers' attention, build trust, and stand up to scrutiny. Through substantiated claims and compliance with regulations, brands can ensure that their promises to consumers are meaningful and backed by evidence. A well-executed process from concept to reality ensures that product claims resonate, inspire confidence, and contribute to the success of the product in the competitive marketplace.

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