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Leveraging Clinical Trials for Personalized Nutrition & Supplements

From Lab to Label Episode 9: Women's Health has been overlooked for way too long with Chloe from Hologram Sciences

Our CEO, Susanne Mitchke recently interviewed Chloe Giraldi, VP of Nutrition Science at Hologram Sciences on the growing importance of verified clinical trials in the personalized nutrition and supplement space. Chloe, a registered dietician with a Master's in Nutrition Science, brings a wealth of experience from clinical settings to sports nutrition. Her passion lies in empowering people to improve their health through evidence-based personalized plans. This innovative company focuses on personalized nutrition and supplementation, backed by science in their approach to health and wellness. 

Championing Women's Health

The conversation focused on a critical gap: the lack of non-hormonal solutions for menopause symptoms, which is where Hologram Sciences' Phenology brand steps in. Their clinically studied supplement tackles hot flashes, and their digital platform offers symptom tracking and coaching from registered dietitians.

Why Personalized Nutrition Matters: A Differentiator for Brands

Consumers are increasingly demanding personalized solutions for their health and wellness needs. Unlike traditional "one-size-fits-all" approaches, personalized nutrition and supplementation offers a competitive edge:

  • Scientifically-backed differentiation: Clinical trials provide robust data to validate the efficacy of personalized supplements, fostering consumer trust and brand credibility.

  • Meeting unmet needs: Targeted solutions address specific nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, catering to a wider range of customers.

  • Improved customer experience: Personalized plans with ongoing support lead to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Hologram Sciences: Redefining Nutrition with Science-backed Supplements

Chloe stressed the significance of conducting clinical studies to validate the efficacy of their products. This commitment to science-backed solutions builds trust with consumers and positions Hologram Sciences as a leader in personalized nutrition and supplementation. Hologram Sciences goes beyond fads with a three-pronged approach they call the "3Ds":

  1. Data-driven diagnostics: They leverage validated tools to understand individual needs.

  2. Clinically-tested supplements: Personalized formulations ensure optimal effectiveness.

  3. Engaging digital platform: Provides ongoing support and coaching for long-term success.

Key Takeaways from the conversation: 

  • Personalized nutrition, backed by verified clinical trials, is the future of health and wellness.

  • Hologram Sciences is at the forefront of this revolution, offering personalized solutions based on evidence-based science.

  • Their commitment to clinical research and ethical practices fosters trust and empowers consumers.

  • Hologram Sciences is making significant strides, especially in addressing unmet needs in women's health.

You can listen to the full conversation on our Podcast, From Lab to Label


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