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News: IN8bio shares data from Phase I Leukemia trial

IN8bio is currently running a Phase I clinical trial of its treatment, INB-100, to treat leukemia patients who are undergoing stem cell transplants. The company has just released data during the interim of its trial, and the results are encouraging.

INB-100 has demonstrated manageable safety and toxicity profiles with no adverse effects reported at Grade 3 or higher (meaning no severe side effects have yet been reported.) The treatment is an allogenic gamma-delta T cell therapy aimed at high-risk acute myeloid leukemia patients.

The company dosed three high-risk patients and found that two have been in remission for more than 21 months since treatment, while the third is continuing to experience remission over nine months after stem cell therapy. The patients demonstrated strong reconstitution of the immune system, which should hopefully represent a long-lasting trend.

The trial is considered an exploratory clinical trial, with findings at this stage being correlative. The trial is based out of the University of Kansas Cancer Center (KUCC) and follows a dose-escalation model.

The primary endpoints of this stage are safety and tolerability, while factors such as relapse rates and overall survival are being considered secondary endpoints.

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