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Possible Benefits of Cellfood Supplements

“Cellfood” has blown up in popularity in the last few years as a potential supplemental solution to a wide array of health concerns. It is considered a naturopathic health solution that is taken to improve cellular function.

What is Cellfood?

Cellfood is a series of supplements that contain cellular health-boosting ingredients such as colloidal minerals, amino acids, and most notably dissolved oxygen. The products are manufactured by a corporation known as NuScience as part of a new wave of free-radical tackling supplements for everyday health and improved athletic performance.

What are the benefits of Cellfood supplements?

Cellfood supplements target all things cell health. Their dissolved oxygen content is believed to improve cellular respiration. When the product is mixed with water, a reaction releases oxygen and hydrogen into the body’s cells.

The idea behind Cellfood is a simultaneous increase in oxygen and a decrease in metabolic waste throughout the body, hopefully leading to greater nutrient absorption and distribution.

Effects on Energy

Due to the improved oxygen circulation, Cellfood supplements may increase energy reserves and lead you to feel less fatigued throughout the day. The supplements may also enhance athletic performance by allowing the body to function more efficiently.

Improves Metabolism and Toxin Processing

Cellfood maintains a high electrostatic charge and is able to correct imbalances in anabolic (intake) and catabolic (out-take) within the body. This allows cells to process nutrients and toxins alike at a faster pace.

Boosts Immune System

The supplements act as a free radical scavenger, which bolsters your cells’ ability to fight off damage. This in turn improves your immune function and may result in fewer illnesses and infections.

Aids in Recovery

Cellfood may help you to recover from workouts faster and perform better, given its ability to improve cellular respiration and increase the amount of oxygen available to each muscle group.

FAQ about Cellfood Supplements

Does Cellfood increase oxygen levels?

Cellfood is designed to increase oxygen circulation at a cellular level, containing dissolved oxygen that releases when absorbed into the body.

When should I take Cellfood?

Lumina health (a marketer of Cellfood) recommends taking eight Cellfood drops mixed with eight ounces of water or juice three times a day.

Is Cellfood an antioxidant?

Cellfood acts as an antioxidant by helping your cells protect themselves from damaging free radicals and other harm.

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