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Top 4 trending supplement ingredients

As the rise of natural supplements continues into the second have of 2022, a few ingredients appear on the labels of these products more frequently than others.

Vitamin E

Perhaps the trendiest ingredient in natural supplements, especially those that have skincare-related health claims, is vitamin E. This essential nutrient is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and may benefit your brain, blood, and overall cell health. It also boasts skin-loving properties that may improve skin elasticity, moisture, and overall appearance.


`Most commonly found in turmeric, which gives your favorite curries its distinctive golden color, curcumin has long been lauded for its health benefits. Curcumin is highly anti-inflammatory and is linked with improvements in joint health and even the potential prevention of cancer.

Curcumin has been shown to improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, due to its ability to block inflammation on a molecular level.

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea is often paired with ginseng or ginger to lend antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to a supplement. These usually appear in supplements targeted to those with gut health issues, as they may aid in digestion and balancing the gut’s microbiome.

Garlic Extracts

While you may know it for the potent zing it lends to Italian dishes, garlic also packs a punch as a health food. Supplements containing aged garlic extract may aid in lowering blood pressure, which can prevent heart disease and stroke.

When you explore natural supplements, keep an eye out for these ingredients.

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