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Wellness-Inspired Stocking Stuffers for the Health-Conscious Minds

The festive season is upon us! This means sparkling lights, a subtle scent of pine in the air, and the joyous carols echoing through the streets and malls. Finding the perfect gifts to warm the hearts of our beloved health and wellness aficionados can be challenging. Fear not, for we've curated a list of exceptional stocking stuffers that are not just thoughtful but also brimming with wellness vibes!

AirUp: Quenching Thirst in a Revolutionary Way

Hydration forms the cornerstone of good health, influencing everything from our skin's vibrancy to our vital organ function. AirUp entices us by transforming mundane water drinking into a sensory adventure, deceiving our taste buds into believing we're sipping on a flavorful soda while we're actually indulging in pure, nourishing water. It’s not just a gift – it’s a fun, healthy lifestyle change!

Compatible with both still and sparkling water, the bottle comes with three pods so your wellness pal can find their favorite flavor.



Dime Beauty: Clean Beauty That Works

In a world where the beauty industry is saturated with choices, Dime stands out by merging efficacy with clean, safe ingredients. Gift your loved ones a radiant glow, safeguarded by products that are as gentle on the skin as they are on the environment. Dime doesn’t just beautify – it cares!

With ferulic acid, vitamin C, and resveratrol as the hero ingredients, this serum is the perfect gift for those on your list who are looking to glow up this season (and the next)!

Use code “citruslabs20”. Limited to 1 use per customer


Your Super: Functional Superfoods for the Most Vibrant You

Unlock the most super you through the power of plants. Our functional superfoods are an easy and delicious way to uplevel your health, from energy-boosting greens, to calming turmeric lattes. Our superfoods only have 5-6 real ingredients and are 100% natural—certified organic, plant-based, vegan, and never any fillers or artificial sweeteners.

We recommend: Detox Bundle

This clinically validated 5-Day Detox program helps you feel more energized from day one, helping you reset your health, improve energy levels, find mental clarity, and nourish your gut for lasting benefits. The bundle includes five full-sized mixes so you might want to plan for an extra large stocking for this one!

Use code: YSHOLIDAY20 for 20% off all Your Super products. Expires 12/30/23.


Foria: Igniting the Flames of Intimacy

This festive season, let's not forget the magic that a dash of romance can sprinkle into our lives. Foria, with its reputation for enhancing mood and deepening connections, can be the secret ingredient to a more intimate, passionate holiday celebration. Here’s to cozy nights filled with love and connection!

We recommend: The Quickie Kit

This kit includes mini sizes of Foria’s three Intimacy best-sellers designed for those who want to explore the benefits of CBD in the bedroom but don't know where to start. Curious about the science behind CBD and pleasure? Check out the clinical research!

Vitamins Revive: Thicker, Fuller, and Healthier Hair

Hair loss can impact your self-esteem, confidence, and your day-to-day activities. That’s why Vitamins Revive, founded by Trichologists with over 80 years of experience studying and treating hair, developed a kit designed to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

They came to us to verify the effectiveness of their product and the results were quite impressive! After 12 weeks, 71% of participants agreed they had experienced less hair-shedding. In combination, the capsules significantly improved overall hair health, including hair thickness, fullness, and softness. Endorsed by dermatologists, the kit is also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee so why not give it a try? Get your hands on these supplements and start running your hands through your hair!


Factor: Nutrient-Dense Feasts at Your Doorstep

For those who prefer simplicity without compromising on nutrition, Factor brings wholesome, nutrient-dense meals straight to the doorstep. It’s a gift of time, health, and scrumptiousness, all wrapped in one!

We recommend: A gift card!

Not only is it impractical to fit a meal into a stocking, but your giftee will likely want to pick out their own meal options. Unlike other meal kit delivery options, Factor is prepped and ready to heat and eat. It’s the perfect choice for those ready to amp up their health and fitness goals for the new year.

❄️ In the spirit of the holidays, let’s spread some love and cheer by picking out gifts that are all about pampering our favorite people. These aren’t just random presents - they’re little bundles of love, health, and happiness! Let’s remember, it's the laughs, the stories, and the hugs that make this season truly magical. So, let’s make this festive season a celebration of love, wellness, and thoughtful giving!


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