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Explore the Regulations for Pet Wellness Products

The pet industry is expected to swell from $320 billion today to almost $500 billion by 2030, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence (BI). With it comes a surge in product selection, innovation, and a wealth of potential new consumers. As brand owners, marketers, and researchers for pet wellness brands in this dynamic field, understanding the regulatory landscape is crucial. Let's dive deep into the industry, focusing on its regulations, the rise in product diversity, and the importance of making credible claims.

The Regulatory Maze: Knowing Your Boundaries

In the U.S., the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) play significant roles. For supplements, the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine is your go-to authority. Remember, the FDA doesn’t approve pet supplements but regulates them under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). For topical products, USDA’s eye on ingredients and labeling is key.

Internationally, the landscape varies. In Europe, the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) sets guidelines, while countries like Canada and Australia have their own unique regulatory frameworks. It's essential to tailor your compliance strategy based on your target market.

The Rise in Product Selection: A Sign of Changing Times

The explosion of pet wellness products on the market today is a testament to a profound shift in how we view our pets. They're not just animals; they're family members. This emotional bond is driving demand for products that ensure their well-being matches our own.

CBD oils for pets are an example of this trend. Initially met with skepticism, they've gained popularity as more pet owners report positive effects on their pets' anxiety, pain, and overall wellness. This mirrors the rise of CBD products in human wellness, reflecting a broader acceptance and curiosity about the benefits of natural supplements.

Eco-friendly grooming products are also on the rise. Pet owners are now more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, seeking products that are not only safe for their pets but also for the planet. Biodegradable shampoos, organic conditioners, and cruelty-free grooming tools are becoming the norm, aligning with the eco-conscious values seen in human beauty and wellness products. As we become more health-conscious and environmentally aware in our lives, we naturally extend these values to the care of our pets.

Making Claims: The Fine Line Between Persuasive and Permissible

Here's where things get tricky. Making claims about your pet wellness product can be a tightrope walk. You want to be persuasive, but you must also stay within the bounds of regulatory guidelines. Clinical research becomes your best friend here. Just like in human wellness, evidence-based claims resonate more with consumers and stand firmer on regulatory grounds. For example, if you're claiming that a supplement improves joint health in dogs, you have to back it up with clinical studies.

Marketing Studies for Pet Wellness Products

Investing in research is not just about compliance; it's also an opportunity to build trust and credibility. Good research can guide your marketing claims and give your brand a solid foundation. Investing in independent studies adds weight to your claims and helps you stand out in a rapidly expanding market.

When working with Citruslabs, we don’t test products on animals, we test products with animals–meaning we work with pet parents to test products together with their pets. Pets don’t buy your products, and they can’t tell you if they like them and if they feel better…but their owners can! 

Blending Compliance with Innovation

Navigating the pet wellness industry's regulatory landscape is challenging but rewarding. By understanding and respecting the regulations, backing your claims with solid research, and staying abreast of industry trends, you can confidently innovate and grow your brand. Compliance isn’t a hurdle in your journey to success, but instead, an opportunity to showcase your commitment to research and efficacy to your consumers.

Make Claims for Your Pet Wellness Products

Citruslabs is a decentralized full-service CRO (contract research organization). As such, we turn research operations upside down and run smarter and more simplified studies, helping you get the marketing claims you need to enhance your brand. Talk with our team today!.


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