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From Beach Rescue to Pet Health Breakthroughs

As the Director of Marketing at Citruslabs, I am thrilled to announce our foray into clinical trials and marketing studies for pet health companies. This endeavor holds a special place in my heart, driven by a personal passion ignited five years ago on a beach in Guatemala where I rescued my furry companion, Winston. His journey battling Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has not only shaped my personal life but has now become a driving force behind my excitement in bringing Citruslabs to the pet health industry.

Winston's (IBS) story 

Winston entered my life as a scruffy, sandy pup on that fateful day in El Paredon, Guatemala in 2019. He was one of many street (or better beach) dogs trying to find food on a daily basis, until we found each other and our daily feeding sessions turned into a 1.5-year quest to bring Winston home with me to Europe. I have always had a huge passion for dogs. My family owned rescue dogs before, but Winston has shaped my life in forms I could never have imagined. He is my travel companion–we have moved from Guatemala to Germany to Portugal, and life with Winston is the best. Little did I know that my fur baby would become the catalyst for my professional enthusiasm toward advancing pet health and wellness. 

Winston's struggles with IBS have been a testament to the challenges many pets face in maintaining optimal well-being. His two years of living on the streets of Guatemala had taken a toll on his stomach and we have had a long way to go to figure out how to maintain a high-quality diet for him to live his best life. His story has become an inspiration, pushing me to contribute meaningfully to the world of pet health research and marketing.

When Personal Becomes Professional

Navigating Winston's journey through IBS has been both heartwarming and challenging. Countless sleepless nights, vet visits, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes underscore the complex and nuanced nature of pet health management. This firsthand experience has given me a deep understanding of the emotional and financial toll pet health issues can take on pet owners.

Now, as Citruslabs expands its expertise into clinical trials and marketing studies for pet health companies, I am excited to leverage my personal insights to drive impactful and compassionate solutions. Our mission is not just to advance the field of pet health but to do so with empathy and a commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners.

The Significance of Pet Health

Pet health is more than just a niche market; it's a vital component of a thriving society. The bond between humans and their pets is unparalleled, and the health and well-being of our furry friends directly impact our own quality of life. As pet owners, we are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring our pets lead happy, healthy lives.

By venturing into clinical trials and marketing studies for pet health, Citruslabs is actively contributing to the advancement of product development as well as full transparency for pet owners to make the best choices for their pets. 


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