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How do Supplement Claims Benefit Your Brand?

Undertaking clinical research for your supplement products can be a valuable way to update your marketing with science-backed health claims. Particularly with supplements aimed at specific health and wellness concerns, presenting consumers with clinically verified claims encourages trust and reliability in your brand. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of creating health claims for supplements.

Health claims for Supplements

Customer Expectations

Health claims allow you to demonstrate your product performs exactly as advertised and ensure that consumers know what to expect in terms of health improvements. For instance, stress and sleep supplement health claims may indicate an increase in calmness and fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night -- but cannot claim to cure diagnosed insomnia.

Having accurate, clinically backed claims establishes clear expectations with your customers and will often result in better user experiences.

Tangible Results

Perhaps the biggest draw of creating health claims is providing customers with information about your product’s performance from real users who share their health concerns. This goes beyond the standard marketing claims describing the goals of your product and shows consumers that it actually does what it claims to.

Transparent Formulas

As with any ingestible product, people tend to value as much clarity about what’s in supplement formulas as possible. With a clinical trial, you can achieve this by creating health claims for each individual ingredient’s purpose. If your product contains an herbal blend, for example, you can create health claims that inform consumers about how each component of the blend performs separately in order to contextualize why you’ve chosen to include them.

Want to create your own supplement clinical trial?

Citruslabs provides a simple and affordable way to prove that your supplements actually work. At Citruslabs, we design a clinical trial that is right for you and your budget, so you can start sharing research-backed product claims without spending a fortune. We offer the cohesive planning and management required to conduct successful clinical trials, from start to finish. Ready to get started? Let's talk! You can contact us here.


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