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Introducing Smart Claim: An AI-Driven Product Claims Generator

Smart Claim by Citruslabs with a "try it" button and an image of hands holding up skincare products and spoons with supplements

As a wellness brand, you strive to deliver products that truly live up to your promises, backed by reliable scientific evidence. You want to make claims that reflect the capabilities of your product but sometimes it’s difficult to know what you can say even with clinical research.

Enter Smart Claim, the groundbreaking AI-driven claims generator developed by Citruslabs. This unique tool is poised to transform how your wellness brand approaches product claims, with a better understanding of what you can say about your product with supporting clinical research.

Understanding Product Advertising with Smart Claim

Smart Claim will help you understand how you can market your wellness product. Supplements, skincare, and cosmetics are held to a higher standard by the FTC because of their health claims.

As a wellness brand, it is your responsibility to inform yourself about what you can and cannot say. Backing up your claims by research and proving your product works is a big advantage and creates compliance with the FTC but also consumer trust and transparency. Smart Claim helps you to get a better understanding of what you'll be able to say about your product before signing up for a clinical trial.

Drawing from an extensive database of real claims derived from authentic studies conducted with brands offering similar products, Smart Claim helps you visualize claims that resonate with consumers and comply with regulatory agencies. This advanced AI technology takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with the precise language you need to communicate the benefits of your products.*

The Data-Driven Advantage

The significance of Smart Claim lies in our data-driven approach. Each claim generated is rooted in real scientific studies. Smart Claim takes the guesswork out of what clinical research can do for your brand.

Wellness consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, and having claims that are not only compelling but also substantiated is a powerful competitive edge. Brands can confidently stand behind their messaging, knowing that their claims are supported by rigorous research.

Building Trust and Authenticity

Consumer skepticism is high and trust is a precious commodity. Smart Claim offers brands the opportunity to build trust by envisioning claims that are transparent, honest, and evidence-based. When consumers see that claims are derived from real studies, their confidence in the product's effectiveness soars.

Brands who use product claims based on clinical research

  • see a greater increase in sales

  • differentiate their product in the crowded market

  • build trust with their consumers

  • are compliant with agencies like the FTC and FDA

Simplifying Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be a challenge. Smart Claim streamlines this process by generating claims aligned with regulations and guidelines. Although you shouldn’t use any product claim without your own clinical research, every claim that we provide you after your own customized trial is attorney-reviewed.

A New Era for Wellness Brands

Smart Claim brings a new era in wellness branding, where claims are no longer based on guesswork or generalizations. Instead, they are born from real data and carefully curated studies. This tool empowers brands to better understand the types of claims that speak to their audience with accuracy and integrity, making a lasting impression that goes beyond marketing tactics.

As wellness brands continue to strive for excellence, Smart Claim is the guiding light that ensures their claims are not just smart but also backed by science. Welcome to the future of wellness branding—where claims are as genuine as the products they represent.

Give Smart Claim a try for yourself and find out how health claims can give your wellness product a competitive edge.

*note: The claims generated are not, by default, attorney-approved claims. Please gather clinical research before using claims and always seek attorney advice before using any health claims.


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