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The Importance of Skincare Product Claims

As a skincare brand, pursuing clinical studies beyond what is strictly required to get your product to the market can feel unnecessary. However, creating product claims that are backed by clinical research makes all the difference for your brand. Rigorously tested products are essential for regulatory compliance in an ever-changing market that is demanding more evidence behind product claims.

Beyond this, skincare product claims in particular are essential to building trust and confidence in your brand. Consumers rely on claims to find skincare products that will work for their skin type and their specific concerns. Today, we overview the biggest factors playing into the importance of skincare product claims (and why we think your brand should consider clinical research to create your own!)

Regulatory Compliance

As discussed, the primary reason for skincare product claims is to comply with the regulations set forth by government agencies such as the FDA and the FTC. These governing bodies have set regulations for product claims which ensure that they are truthful, not misleading, and backed up by scientific evidence. Manufacturers must be able to substantiate their claims through testing and other evidence, and failure to do so can result in penalties or fines.

You can learn more about the ways the FDA regulates skincare product claims, here on the blog.

Clarity and Transparency

Clear and accurate product claims can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, as well as find skincare solutions that are actually targeted for their skin type and any concerns they may have. They provide clarity and transparency about what a product is intended to do, and what benefits it may offer. This can help consumers choose products that are best suited to their individual needs and concerns.

In addition, clear and accurate claims increase transparency and accountability on the part of the brand. When skincare brands make claims that are backed up by scientific evidence, they show that they are committed to delivering quality products that deliver on their promises.

Consumer Confidence

Similarly, skincare product claims can help build consumer trust and confidence. By clearly stating the benefits of a product, a brand can establish credibility and show that they are committed to delivering products that are clinically proven to actually work. This is particularly important in the skincare industry, where consumers are often skeptical about the claims made by manufacturers, and where each product can perform differently on different skin types.

Standing Out From The Crowd

With so many skincare products available, it can be difficult for a new product to stand out from the competition. Skincare product claims can help differentiate one product from another. By making claims that speak directly to a consumer's specific needs or concerns, a brand can create a unique selling proposition that sets their product apart.

Further, the more clinical research there is behind a formula, the more it will stand out as a substantiated product to consumers.

Wrapping Up

Overall, skincare product claims play an important role in helping consumers make informed decisions about the products they use. They promote clarity, transparency, and accountability in the industry, while also building consumer confidence and differentiating products in a crowded marketplace. Skincare brands can greatly benefit from creating product claims through the clinical research process.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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