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Patient recruitment strategies for your clinical trials

Successful clinical trial recruitment surrounds around the center of the research study - the patients. Implementing a patient-centric approach from the get-go will enable you to find better ways to get in touch with them and to spread awareness about your trial. Hereby, it’s important to think about what your inclusion and exclusion criteria are and where potential study candidates can be found to reach them quickly and cost-effectively and give them essential information to make a well-thought-out decision.

In order to hit your enrollment targets and find the high-quality and educated patients suitable for your criteria, the following recruitment strategies to meet your recruitment goals and increase profitability:

Use health app networks to find the right people for your clinical trial

One of the biggest challenges clinical trials are facing is finding highly qualified and educated referrals that are willing to participate in a research study and know what they can expect. With marketing and outreach strategies that many research sites are using (ad campaigns, TV and radio ads, billboards, etc.) finding the right people for your clinical trial can be tedious. Health app networks like Mindmate can help improve the quality of your referrals and educate them at the same time. With Mindmate, we were able to create a database of over 3 million users and can deep target them on a behavioral, medical, and demographical level as well, all while offering them educational content about clinical trials, their benefits and risks, and what to expect. This way, uploaded referrals are easier to enroll once they match the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Use patient-centric patient recruitment companies for greater results

Patients should stand in the center of your clinical research study. Without patients that are willing to stay in your trial until the very end and not drop out before, your trial will fail. So, in order to generate a more patient-centric recruitment strategy, you should first look at your patient engagement. How many times are you in touch with referrals? Are you calling referrals that signed up within the 48-hour range to make them feel welcome and more comfortable? If not, why is that?

Engaged patients mean higher retention and thus also an increase in profitability because they tend to stick around throughout the entire clinical trial process more likely than referrals that are not being communicated with. We have created Citrus, our fully integrated recruitment, and retention platform, to enable your team to create multiple automated touchpoints and keep patients engaged, informed, and to create trust and transparency. Besides that, we have also integrated a centralized communication hub as well as a patient portal which enables both sides, the research site, and the patients, to communicate more efficiently with each other. CRCs will never miss a patient again and patients will feel comfortable, involved, and appreciated, which makes for a patient-centric approach.

Prioritize your tasks to stay on top of your referrals at all times

Besides prioritizing your patients throughout the entire experience, prioritizing your tasks in order to stay on top of your enrollment game is essential. Many times we have heard from clients that they are lacking organization and are missing out on potential enrollments because they lost track of what really matters due to administrative tasks and wrong prioritizing of tasks. Citrus can help with that, too. By using the automated, collaborative, and prioritized task management feature you will always know what your most urgent tasks are, which will automatically also improve your patients’ experience, as they will be receiving calls, reminders, and appointments in a more timely manner.

Partner with accredited companies

Since 2015, our team has been hard at work raising awareness of clinical trials across the globe. A Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ company and a graduate of the renowned Techstar program in New York, Citruslabs is at the forefront of patient recruitment and retention technologies. With over 3 million patients now recorded on our databases, our patient recruitment dashboard is fast becoming the most efficient method of trial recruitment.

Now a #1 health app in 17 countries, our Mindmate app is helping to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare. Mindmate “[takes] senior care into the digital age” (Forbes, 2018) by providing people with the cognitive decline the essential tools to help them rebuild and maintain strong mental health. Trusted by millions of users, our health community continues to grow as the content available expands to the needs of individuals today.

With more than 200 research sites now using the Citrus platform to screen thousands of patients every month, researchers are now well on their way to finding new treatments for hundreds of different health conditions - something that just would not be possible without a technological solution. Make sure that your clinical trial is in the lucky 12% and turn that luck into guaranteed results with Citrus.

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