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The Role of Iron Supplements for Women

Iron plays an essential role in the body, and inadequate intake of it can lead to health issues relating to fatigue and frequent illness. Women in particular are at a higher risk of becoming iron deficient and may see improvements in energy levels and overall wellness when introducing an iron supplement.

What does Iron do in the body?

Iron is essential for blood oxygen levels, circulation, and other vital body functions. An iron deficiency can lead to a wide range of health issues, including mild to serious fatigue, difficulty concentrating, getting sick often, having difficulties regulating body temperature, heart issues, headaches, and more.

Who should take Iron supplements?

Iron supplements can be helpful to people at a higher risk of deficiency. This includes women, especially those with heavy periods and those who are pregnant. Others who may benefit include frequent blood donors and people following vegetarian and vegan diets.

Energy Boost

When you begin taking an iron supplement, it may address any issues with fatigue even in non-severely deficient cases. This can aid women in their reproductive years who may experience low ferritin levels but are not anemic.

Athletic Performance

Iron is linked to the production of a protein called myoglobin, which is what provides oxygen to the muscles. Women who participate in highly active lifestyles can sometimes be at compounded risk for anemia, and Iron supplements can mitigate these effects and provide support for athletic performance and endurance.

Focus and Cognition

Low iron levels can lead to a lessened ability to focus, and adding a supplement to your diet can improve concentration and restore decision-making. Research has demonstrated the link between anemia or less severe iron deficiencies and lessened ability to concentrate in areas of verbal learning and memory.

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