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Accessible Research: A Game Changer in Online Marketing

We are big believers that for consumer brands, research forms the foundation of product development and consumer trust. Making your research results accessible across your presence online is a strategic way to communicate the reliability, safety, and efficacy of your formula. We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways brands can present research findings on your websites and social media. We provide some examples using a fictional brand "your brand" as a model, to demonstrate how simple it can be to implement these creative strategies.

The Challenge of Translating Research into Layman’s Terms

Once you’ve invested in product research to support the claims about your formula - you’re left with lots of rich data that can be really valuable to your marketing. The catch? You have to be able to present these findings accessibly and simply to consumers. Clinical trial or consumer perception study results can often be dense and complex, making them challenging for consumers to understand. We also provide lots of examples to demonstrate ways your brand can tackle this challenge.

Example 1: Converting Clinical Data into Consumer-Friendly Content

To make your research easy to access and understand, your brand can embrace a creative approach. Consider transforming clinical data into engaging visuals, such as infographics and videos. For instance, your brand may showcase your latest clinical trial using a colorful infographic highlighting how your formula improved markers of well-being or health, as supported by tangible data.

Leverage User-Friendly Infographics and Videos

Infographics and videos are excellent tools to visually convey complex information. Your brand can use visually appealing infographics and short animated videos to present research results, making data more comprehensible for your audience. For instance:

Example 2: Infographic on Sleep Improvement

Your brand can create an infographic with a creative title that will capture users’ attention. For example, picture a sleep aid product advertised with an infographic captioned: "Unlocking Sweet Dreams - Our Revolutionary Sleep Blend's Impact." This could showcase key findings with concise, easy-to-understand graphics, demonstrating the improvement in sleep quality and duration.

Example 3: Animated Video on Clinical Studies

Similarly, a video format can make dense information easier to understand. Using the same Sleep Supplement blend example, picture a 1-minute animated video titled "The Science Behind Our Sleep Blend" which summarizes the clinical studies conducted on the product. The video can dive into how the sleep aid worked and can share findings in a digestible format, enabling viewers to get the ‘gist’ of the research results quickly.

Educate and Inform through Blog Content

We may be biased here, but we believe that a blog is a powerful tool for educating consumers and presenting research findings. Your brand should consider maintaining an up to date blog section on your website dedicated to scientific insights and product research.

Example 4: Posts that Add Value

The key to keeping consumers engaged and drawing traffic to your brand’s blog is to create posts that offer some value to the reader. Beyond simply advertising your product, your content should be informative and useful for the kind of people that may be interested in your product. Consider posts that unpack the importance of the health issues addressed by your product, or those that offer helpful lifestyle and wellness tips for use in conjunction with your product. You can also use these to explain the role of your product using research data and relatable anecdotes.

Example 5: Scientific Spotlights

To further engage your audience, your brand can introduce a "Scientific Spotlight Series" in your blog, featuring in-depth articles on the specific ingredients used in your products. Consumers are increasingly wary of products that don’t offer transparency, and providing as much insight into your products as possible is a good way to address these concerns.

For inspiration, take a look at our “Latest Evidence” blog series uncovering recent and up-and-coming research on popular ingredients found in supplement formulas that are gaining traction with consumers.

Interactive Product Pages

Further, brands should consider enhancing their product pages with interactive elements that educate consumers about the research backing their formulas.

Example 6: Interactive Ingredient Showcase

On your product page, your brand can include an interactive ingredient showcase. When users hover over the ingredients, pop-up windows provide brief explanations, and when clicked, these can lead to detailed research summaries and links to your own clinical trials.

Regular Updates and Webinars

Keep your audience engaged by offering regular updates on your research and product development, and consider hosting relevant educational webinars. Your brand can host webinars on the health and wellness issues that your target audience will care most about, and discuss the science behind your product.

This can be a great chance to invite experts in the field to share their insights on these issues and potentially discuss how your product may be a good option to tackle them.

Wrapping Up

A powerful way to establish credibility and foster consumer trust in the competitive consumer industry is to make research results readily available online. The science behind your products can be easily understood when presented in infographics, videos, blogs, interactive pages, user-generated content, and webinars. In sharing your research findings and building a loyal and informed customer base, your brand serves as a model for consumer brands looking for innovative ways to showcase their research findings. Today, brand owners looking to thrive in the consumer market require both transparency and effective communication of research results.

Want to create your own product claims?

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