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Advertising clinical trials on Social Media

As with the shift toward digital CROs and online recruitment tools, many clinical researchers are beginning to utilize online spaces to advertise their clinical trials. Social media can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness about what trials are occurring, and it can allow consumer brands to alert users of their products to potential research participation opportunities.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the way brands can use social media to highlight clinical research opportunities, and what kind of benefits this offers.

How can brands use Social Media to advertise trials?

For brands with an established social media presence, it can be simple to implement a marketing strategy that advertises your clinical research opportunities. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure your outreach is as effective as possible.

Give your audience a reason to participate

While we agree that clinical research participation is incredibly valuable, your customer base might need a little more motivation to get involved. Highlight the bonuses! If your clinical trial will allow them to try a new product before it’s launched officially, or if they will be given free samples of an existing product in order for them to report their experience to you, this can be a big draw for participation.

Keep communication clear and concise

It can be tempting to give your audience all of the information about your research right up front, but the reality of social media is that you will need to keep your posts brief and informative. Too many details can deter people from reading on and you’ll risk the most important information getting lost in the mess.

Don’t be afraid to post multiple times for the same opportunity, as this can allow you to break up your information into a few different chunks without losing clarity. Ensure that each post includes a common link or contact info where potential participants can go to find more information about the research, as this will help to unify your overall advertisement.

Benefits of Social Media Advertisement

Social media algorithms offer a uniquely targeted approach to clinical trial recruitment, meaning clinical research sites and sponsors are more able to engage with audiences that are already interested in clinical trial participation. This online recruiting method can also span different social media types, reaching a wider variety of demographics.

Additionally, social media can present a great opportunity to engage with potential participants more directly. When advertising clinical trials on social media, you are able to open mutual communication and directly answer people’s questions about the clinical trial process or the specifics of a given trial.

Advertising Clinical Trials Online FAQ:

Can you advertise clinical trials on Facebook?

Facebook ads can be used to advertise clinical research opportunities. Facebook groups related to specific health concerns also sometimes allow clinical trial advertisements.

What social media is best for recruiting?

Social media that allow for mutual communication and resource sharing is best for clinical recruitment, including Facebook and Instagram.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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