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Benefits of Consumer Perception Studies for Small Brands

When investing in clinical research to support your product claims, consumer perception studies are often among the options considered by smaller brands. This is because this study model is particularly accessible and can save brands time and money in comparison to more traditional clinical trial models. We present some of the reasons that consumer perception studies may be especially useful to smaller consumer brands.

What are Consumer Perception Studies?

Consumer Perception Studies are a form of research that enables you to collect feedback from participants about their experiences with your product. Usually, this study model utilizes a survey design which allows participants to respond to various measures of their experience with a formula.

Important to Note

These studies are not technically considered scientific research studies, as they do not necessitate the use of validated questionnaires or any objective measures. However, they are a very useful tool in generating support for product claims and satisfy the requirements for evidenced claims set out by regulatory bodies (e.g., the FDA and FTC.) These kinds of studies provide valuable insight into consumer perspectives and can inform you about your customers’ needs and concerns.

Why are they Good for Small Brands?

The consumer perception study design is useful for smaller brands because they are often faster and less resource-intensive than traditional clinical trials. This is especially true if you are able to work with a digital CRO to run these kinds of studies online.

Save Time

Consumer Perception Studies are faster to run because participant feedback can be collected more quickly than some of the more intensive data measures. Additionally, these studies get off the ground quicker, especially in virtual trials. This is because participants only need to be sent the test product in order to get started, and this is a much quicker onboarding process than is often the case for clinical trials requiring biomarker tests and lab visits.

Finally, the timeline for these studies is often shorter than other clinical trials, because longitudinal designs aren’t essential for subjective participant feedback.

Save Money

As with the shorter timelines, consumer perception studies can save smaller brands money by demanding fewer resources to operate. In order to get started, participants really only need the test product and access to the survey materials.

If you are working with a digital CRO, it can be even more affordable to begin the study process. This is because a digital CRO operates virtual and hybrid trial models that don’t absorb the same overhead costs as brick-and-mortar test facilities.

Access a Wide Range of Participants

Consumer perception studies are often more appealing to the average person than clinical trials. They require a lower participant burden because they are essentially just testing out new products from home and providing feedback. This means that even small brands can reach a wide range of participants, where they may not be able to appeal to so many people using another study model.

Wrapping Up

Consumer Perception Studies present smaller brands with an accessible option for supporting their product claims. This research method is less intensive than clinical trials, and can be cheaper and faster for brands to operate - especially in collaboration with a digital CRO! These study designs satisfy the requirements for consumer products to have evidence behind their product claims and can be a great option for a variety of industries, from skincare and cosmetics to health foods and supplements.

Want to create your own product claims?

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