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Case Study: Foria CBD Sexual Health Products

We were excited to work with Foria on clinical research for their range of CBD-based women’s sexual health products. The brand prioritizes natural botanical ingredients cultivated to support women’s overall well-being as well as enhance pleasure and intimacy. Foria pursued research to test three of their products: the Intimacy Breast Oil, the Awaken Arousal CBD oil and the Intimacy Melts with CBD. CBD is linked with increased blood flow when applied topically, which Foria believes is key to improving the sexual experience. Today, we’ll overview the details of their study designed to test this belief and look into the product claims they created.


The Foria study used a consumer perception design with women aged 25-65 and was conducted remotely. Participants provided baseline information about their usual sexual comfort and libido as well as other well-being information. They then began using the Intimacy Melts on three separate occasions, and repeated the process with the Awaken Arousal oil and the Breast oil.

The Consumer Perception design allowed our team to gather tangible insights into product users’ experience with the Foria line using the self-report data collected after each product’s independent usage. This study design may be particularly advantageous to CBD brands, where the customer experience can vary greatly and science-backed product claims can be difficult to ascertain.

You can go here to learn more about why clinical studies are beneficial to CBD brands.


The Foria line had overwhelmingly positive results from participants after the concluding questionnaire. Intimacy melts were reported to improve the sexual experience in 90% of women, and 85% stated that they would continue using the product. The Awaken Arousal Oil shared these significant improvements in sexual well-being, with around 86% of participants reporting that the oil improved sexual outcomes. Finally, the Intimacy Breast oil was very well received with 95% of participants agreeing that the product made their breast skin feel more nourished and softer.

Overall, participants were likely to recommend the product to a friend or family member and reported a general improvement in their sexual well-being and enjoyment across the separate testing of each of the products.

The Product Claims

The three Foria products were demonstrated to be effective in improving users’ perception of sexual health, comfort, pleasure, and arousal. The brand now has solid, clinically backed product claims that they can use to promote their formulas’ performance. For instance, the claim that 90% of participants reported that the Intimacy Melts improved their sexual experience. You can view the full study results, here!

These claims are vital for brands to promote their products’ efficacy with validated testing and can help smaller brands to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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