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Fish Oil Supplements for Pets: Clinical Evidence

Fish oil and plant-based alternatives are a great supplement for Omega-3 fatty acids in people, and it’s just as helpful in pets too! Today, we’ll take a look at the health claims surrounding fish oil supplements for pets.


Fish oil contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient in supporting bone and heart health. In pets, fish oil can support canine heart health, promote shine in your pet’s coat, reduce skin issues such as itching and flaking, and work to relieve joint pain.

Fish oil may also help to relieve allergies and boost your pet’s immune system.

The DHA within omega 3 fatty acids can benefit your pe throughout their lifespan. In puppies especially, DHA can help with the proper development of the brain and eyesight. It can also help your dog later in life by working to prevent and improve canine cognitive dysfunction.

Choosing the right Supplement

Choosing the right fish oil supplement is important, as many are on the market. There are three kinds of fish oil supplements available to pets:

  1. Natural triglyceride. This is the most natural option and is easiest for your pet to absorb, but you should be careful to find one that ensures there are no contaminants as it is not a purified oil.

  2. Ethyl ester -. This option has been distilled to remove impurities, and while it’s not as natural as the first option it does still contain high levels of the necessary nutrients (DHA and EPA).

  3. Synthetic triglyceride. This is a formulated version of the first option, and it is the most difficult of the three for your pet to absorb.

Always speak with a veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet or including any supplements. Keep in mind that long term use of fish oil may eventually deplete vitamin E in dogs, and require additional supplements for the lost nutrients as your pet ages.

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