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Pet Product Health claims guide

Pet products and foods go through clinical trials before they’re available to you and your pets, but the lingo on the packaging can sometimes be confusing. It’s important to know exactly what you’re giving your pet, o today we’ll unpack the meaning of some of the most common health claims on pet products.

Clinically Proven

For any pet product to claim that it’s been clinically proven, it has to meet certain standards set out by the FDA and the FTC. You should look for clinically proven stamps on any product that claims to have specific health benefits or to improve your pet’s overall condition.

The phrase clinically proven means that a product has gone through two scientific studies that show the claims to be accurate.

Clinically Tested

Unlike clinically proven, clinically tested just means that a product was sued on patients and there are no requirements as to the rigor of the experimentation. The phrase is less robust, and you should opt for clinically proven products where possible if you are looking to address a specific health concern for your pet.

Organic Ingredients

Unlike the natural ingredients health claim, the pet products labelled as organic have specific standards they must meet.

Pet products can only be labelled as organic if they have been approved to do so by the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs. Further, 95% of the ingredients must be organic in origin. For an ingredient to be determined organic it must:

  • Be produced in a facility with restricted cleaning materials and pest control.

  • Not contain any genetically modified organisms, at all.

  • Only contain flavorings that are naturally or organically produced.

Keep in mind that you should always speak to your veterinary team before changing your pet’s diet or implementing any new supplements or health products. Even if the health claims are robust and seem to suit your needs, not every product is right for every pet. Factors such as age, activity levels, and any pre-existing health issues can all impact how your pet is affected by new products.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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