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When is it Time for Clinical Research?

Clinical research is an essential part of the development and marketing of consumer products, and all health and wellness brands should invest in some form of research for their formulas. It can sometimes be difficult to know at what point your brand should initiate clinical trials, particularly for smaller brands. We have put together a straightforward guide to simplify the process of determining whether it’s a good time for your brand to start research.

When you’re just Starting Out

For new brands, clinical trials can be particularly beneficial. Without an established reputation, it can be challenging to convince customers to try your product. However, by having published clinical results to advertise your brand, you can establish trust and reliability in your products before customers are able to review them. This can make potential customers more willing to give your product a try and can help differentiate your brand from competitors.

When you’re Launching New Products

Even established brands can benefit from clinical research when launching new products. By conducting research before you launch, you are able to "soft launch" the product to potential customers, especially if you choose a consumer perception study design. This way, you can attain marketable health claims and tangible statistics to use during the launch in order to show customers that your products work exactly as advertised.

When you Want to Spruce Up your Marketing

Beyond product launches, obtaining clinically backed health claims about your product's performance can provide your brand with new marketing materials. This is invaluable in sprucing up your digital marketing and your product's in-store presence, as health claims or "clinically tested" seals can appear on websites as well as packaging. This can help attract new customers and revive consumer interest in a brand or product by demonstrating formula changes, responses to feedback, or even just showcasing performance if the last published research by a brand is outdated.

When you Need Regulatory Approval

Clinical research is often required by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA or the FTC, to support claims made about a product. This is particularly important for consumer brands in consumer industries such as supplements, skincare, and mobile health device companies. By conducting clinical studies, brands can provide the necessary data to obtain regulatory approval for their products.

When you’re Improving your Formula

When a consumer brand wants to improve an existing product, clinical research can be beneficial. Clinical studies allow brands to identify areas where their product can be improved or maximized, such as increasing product effectiveness, modifying the composition, or exploring new applications for the product.

Wrapping Up

Overall, using clinical trials to support your brand can be a powerful approach to launching new products and bolstering your marketing efforts. You may develop confidence and credibility with potential customers and separate your brand from competitors by acquiring scientific evidence to support the safety and efficacy of your products. In addition, clinical research can give useful marketing resources that can be leveraged to attract new customers and rekindle consumer interest in your brand.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

Citruslabs provides a simple and affordable way to prove that your products actually work. At Citruslabs, we design a clinical trial that is right for you and your budget, so you can start sharing research-backed product claims without spending a fortune. We offer the cohesive planning and management required to conduct successful clinical trials, from start to finish. Ready to get started? Let's talk! You can contact us here.


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