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Why create Health Claims for your products?

If you’re debating starting a clinical trial for your brand but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment -- it’s helpful to understand all of the benefits that come with creating health claims for your product. Health claims for supplements or other nutritional products tell the consumer what they can expect from your product, and how it actually performs outside of laboratory conditions.

What do health claims give your brand?

Health claims can be created through lab-based clinical trials, such as those taking covered in last week's breakdown of common study designs. Or, they can be created through consumer perception studies. Either of these paths will give you information about how your products perform on real people.

Health claims grant trust and legitimacy to your brand, and they allow consumers to know about your products’ performance from people who have actually used them. Health claims can look like the percentage of people who saw an improvement in symptoms (e.g. “85% reported less bloating after three weeks”) during your clinical research. These give consumers a tangible claim to set their expectations on and may make your products seem more reliable.

The more trust consumers have in your brand, the more likely they are to purchase and use your products. This enables you not only to grow your business but also to reach more people with products that may actually help improve their health and wellbeing.

If you’re considering a clinical trial to create health claims for your products, know that it can be an excellent tool to market your brand as trustworthy and effective. Health claims are often the first information potential consumers see about your product, and they can have a lasting impact on the perception people have of your brand. If you’d like to read more about how health claims matter to consumers -- go here.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

Citruslabs provides a simple and affordable way to prove that your products actually work. At Citruslabs, we design a clinical trial that is right for you and your budget, so that you can start sharing research-backed product claims without spending a fortune. We offer the cohesive planning and management required to conduct successful clinical trials, from start to finish. Ready to get started? Let's talk! You can contact us here.


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