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Do health claims matter to Consumers?

One of the benefits of conducting a clinical trial for your brand is creating scientifically-backed health claims for your products. In addition to adding legitimacy to your brand, these claims might also make people more likely to discover and purchase your products. Today, we’ll take a closer look at some of the evidence suggesting products’ health claims contribute to increased purchasing.

One systematic review and meta-analysis by Kaur et al. in 2017 of health-related claims found that many studies report a significant association between health claims on products and the likelihood that the average person will purchase them. While these studies focus largely on food and nutrition health claims, the same is true of most supplements and skincare: People are more likely to purchase products that have legitimate claims behind them.

Another study overviewed the impact of certain claims on consumer purchasing and found that most cosmetic companies could benefit from clearer health claims. Consumers were more likely to purchase a product when the health claims advertising it were clear and accurate, and often avoided products when their claims seemed to intentionally mislead consumers. Vague or unclear claims were also less appealing to consumers.

Clearly, having effective health claims is important in attracting consumers. These kinds of claims can only reliably be achieved through clinical research on your products.

Creating Health Claims

The research shows that the most effective health claims are those that are clear and informative to consumers. People want transparency in their products, especially those that may potentially improve their overall health or wellness.

As the scientific claims study points out: “The cosmetics industry should be providing information that might lead to better and more accurate decision making about consuming cosmetics that are promoted with cosmeceutical claims.”

When looking into clinical research for your products, keep in mind the kinds of health claims customers will actually benefit from. Work to incorporate transparency into your research goals, and identify some straightforward goals you can actually test out for your products.

Rather than vaguely claiming that your skincare products will “increase the skin’s moisture”, give more details about exactly how your products work. Try instead, “(product) moisturizes skin, and 70% of users reported less dullness after one month of use.” These kinds of specific health claims focused on consumer perception can help you draw in more customers, and gain trust with people who already support your brand. Find out more about consumer perception studies and how easily you can implement them, here.

Want to learn how you can create research-backed product claims as well?

Citruslabs provides a simple and affordable way to prove that your products actually work. At Citruslabs, we design a clinical trial that is right for you and your budget, so that you can start sharing research-backed product claims without spending a fortune. We offer the cohesive planning and management required to conduct successful clinical trials, from start to finish. Ready to get started? Let's talk! You can contact us here.


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