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Guide to Cosmetic Research: What Claims Matter?

Whether you’re a veteran of cosmetics clinical research or just starting out, creating health claims that are useful in modern marketing can be challenging. It is vital to understand the kinds of claims that potential product users are on the lookout for, such as those relating to ease of application, overall appearance, or levels of coverage/pigmentation.

Ease of Application

Often overlooked, marketing claims related to the ease of applying your cosmetics products are important to regular makeup users. This can be one of your research goals and may be particularly relevant to people with specific skin concerns, such as textured skin, which can make cosmetics apply less smoothly.

Overall Appearance

Best ascertained through a consumer perception study, the overall appearance and wearability of your cosmetics is probably the most important research claim you can create. When shopping for makeup, people are most concerned with how it’s going to look on their skin, and that includes how it’s going to look after full-day wear.

In your research, you can receive feedback from users on the initial appearance of the product, as well as the appearance after an extended wear test. These claims will grant consumers insight into the real-life look and feel of your product, as well as its longevity.

Coverage and Pigmentation

Whether your products are foundations and concealers designed to provide a base or eye-lip-and-cheek products, your customers care about the level of coverage and pigmentation in your formulas. For base makeup, the level of coverage is particularly important. Some people prefer only light, sheer formulas, while others in your target audience will seek out full-coverage products that can hide redness and blemishes.

Whichever demographic your product addresses, a consumer perception study can help show your customers that it does it well!

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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