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Guide to Supplement Research: What Claims matter?

To close out our “Guides on Research” series, we’ll be overviewing the kinds of claims that supplement consumers care about the most. When you begin clinical research for your supplements, it is essential to keep the priorities of your target customers in mind, as they tend to value things such as ingredient transparency, specific health claims, and sustainability.

Ingredient Transparency

While it is necessary to include complete ingredient lists for your products, ingredient transparency refers to the clarity you provide about things like your ingredients’ sources and their effects. Your consumers want to know if your ingredients are all-natural or plant-based, or if there are any artificially processed components, such as flavoring or added color.

If your product does include artificial components, consumers value honesty in presenting the exact purpose and effects of these ingredients. Being transparent about your formulas encourages trust in your customers, and may draw in more users than simply parring down your ingredients list to a minimalist standard.

Specific Health Claims

Perhaps the most significant consideration in creating health claims is their specificity. Consumers take supplements to address either a gap in their diets or a specific health concern. If your formula addresses the symptoms of a given health issue, be specific about how! Does your IBS supplement work to reduce bloating and gassiness? Or, is it evidenced to improve stomach cramping and related symptoms.

Consumers appreciate science-backed claims that demonstrate evidence for the improvement of specific issues, rather than blanket claims that your product can improve all related symptoms.


More and more, consumers are valuing environmental and healthcare-related sustainability. This means people are buying fewer products with single-use applications, and your health claims should account for the long-term use and effects of your supplement. Are there lasting impacts from a brief intervention- or is this something users must implement daily, long-term?

While not a health claim, you should also identify any efforts you have made towards more sustainable packaging, shipping, and even manufacturing of your product. Again, transparency is a better bet as it will give eco-conscious consumers an accurate idea of how your product will fit into their routines.

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