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How Brands can Save Money With a Digital CRO

In the consumer brand sector, virtual clinical trials, also known as decentralized clinical trials, are becoming increasingly popular. Companies can collect data from participants remotely in these trials, decreasing the requirement for in-person visits to clinical trial sites. Not only does this make participation easier for individuals, but it also has the potential to save consumer brands money. In this blog post, we'll look at how using a digital contract research organization (CRO) to execute virtual clinical trials might help consumer brands save money while creating effective, science-backed product claims.

Reduced Costs of Research Sites

One of the most notable advantages of virtual clinical trials is that they eliminate the need for physical research centers. Brands typically must pay to rent or develop physical spaces for participants to visit in traditional clinical trials. These areas must have medical equipment and be staffed by healthcare personnel. This can be an expensive proposition, especially for large-scale trials with a significant number of participants.

Companies can considerably decrease the costs that come with physical facilities by adopting a digital CRO to undertake virtual clinical trials. There is no requirement for a physical site because participants can complete the trial from the comfort of their own homes. This can result in substantial cost savings for consumer brands.

Lower Staffing Costs

Another advantage of virtual clinical trials is that they can be completed with fewer staff members. In traditional clinical trials, there needs to be a large staff to manage the physical site, administer tests, and collect data. With virtual clinical trials, much of this work can be automated or done by a much smaller research team. Participants can complete their own assessments and record their own data, which reduces the need for staff members to be present.

Using a digital CRO to manage virtual clinical trials can further reduce staffing costs. Digital CROs use sophisticated technology to manage virtual trials, which means that fewer staff members are required to manage the trial. This can translate to significant cost savings for consumer brands.

Reduced Participant Costs

Traditional clinical trials can be expensive and inconvenient for participants. Participants will often need to travel to a physical site, which can be costly and time-consuming. They may also need to take time off work or arrange for childcare, which can be a significant burden.

By using virtual clinical trials, consumer brands can reduce the costs associated with participation. Participants can complete the trial from their own homes, which can save them money on transportation costs and reduce the need for time off work or childcare.

Using a digital CRO to manage virtual clinical trials can increase the efficiency and convenience of participant recruitment. Digital CROs have access to sophisticated recruitment tools that can help identify potential participants and connect with them online. This can help consumer brands reach a larger pool of potential participants, which can increase the chances of finding eligible participants for the trial and speed up the enrollment process overall.

Wrapping Up

Virtual clinical trials can provide significant cost savings for consumer brands. By reducing the need for physical sites, lowering staffing costs, reducing participant costs, increasing participant recruitment, and improving data quality, consumer brands can save money while still collecting valuable data from participants. Using a digital CRO to manage virtual clinical trials can further maximize these cost savings and provide additional benefits, such as sophisticated data management tools and improved participant recruitment. As virtual clinical trials become increasingly popular, more consumer brands are likely to turn to digital CROs to help manage their trials and create effective product claims at a lower cost.

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