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Social media Clinical Trial Recruitment

Recruiting for your clinical trial online is a great way to expand your participant catchment pool, and social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about clinical research opportunities. Today, we’ll look closely at some of the benefits and drawbacks of social media clinical trial recruitment.

Benefits of Social Media Recruitment

Social media algorithms offer a uniquely targeted approach to clinical trial recruitment. Clinical research sites and sponsors are more able to engage with audiences that are already interested in clinical trial participation. This online recruiting method can also span different social media types, reaching a wider variety of demographics.

Additionally, social media can present a great opportunity to engage with potential participants more directly. When advertising clinical trials on social media, you are able to open mutual communication and directly answer people’s questions about the clinical trial process or the specifics of a given trial.

Drawbacks of Social Media Recruitment

While it can be a great tool, there are some limits to recruiting for clinical trials on social media. First, there are issues with privacy given the sensitivity of clinical trials. Some patients may be uncomfortable engaging with clinical trial sites and sponsors on social media due to the perceived lack of privacy or security.

Further, social media can make it difficult to follow up with potential participants in the same way that a recruitment service can. Many people are unresponsive and prone to ignore follow-up communication on social media, so it can be tricky to secure potentially interested patients.

Finally, social media recruitment is impossible to automate in the same way as a recruitment service. It requires manual follow-up and engagement with participants, which is a significant time commitment. There are also more time and resources spent on creating content for social media in order to maintain a consistent presence and reach a broad audience.

Advertising Clinical Trials Online FAQ:

Can you advertise clinical trials on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook ads can be used to advertise clinical research opportunities. Facebook groups related to specific health concerns also sometimes allow clinical trial advertisement.

How can clinical trials increase enrollment?

Clinical trials can increase enrollment by using a patient recruitment service, employing drip campaigns, or advertising online.

What is social media recruiting?

Social media recruiting involves advertising clinical trials on social media and actively encouraging engagement and participant questions.

What social media is best for recruiting?

Social media that allow for mutual communication and resource sharing is best for clinical recruitment, including Facebook and Instagram.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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