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The push towards more natural and sustainable products has come to the forefront of our attention, and deodorants are following the same trend. Recently, a lot of concern has been raised about whether standard deodorants containing aluminum are safe. Natural deodorants tout a lean, clean ingredients list, but come at a much higher price tag. So -- is it worth making the jump to natural deodorant for your health?

The Concerns

Some in recent years have grown concerned that the aluminum in antiperspirants may be linked to breast cancer. The aluminum is applied frequently near the breast and lymph nodes and may be absorbed by the skin to cause similar effects as excess estrogen (read more about the research on aluminum salts and their link to breast cancer.)

However, the national cancer institute says there is no direct link between applying deodorant and developing breast cancer.

The Health Claims

Traditional antiperspirants work by using aluminum compounds to temporarily plug the sweat pores under the arm, preventing excess moisture. In natural deodorant clinical trials, this potentially harmful compound is replaced with natural absorbent ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot, or cornstarch.

These ingredients are supposed to support your skin’s natural microbiome, rather than interfering in the way that traditional deodorants do. However, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of scientific evidence to support these health claims.

An overview by the New York Times highlighted the lack of evidence that natural deodorants actually decrease your risk for breast cancer, or any other harmful effects.

The Verdict

As of now, it seems that the clinical evidence in favor of natural deodorants just isn’t there. It may not be worth investing if your only concerns are the possible link to health issues. However, products work differently for everyone and natural deodorants may offer ingredients that are less irritating to sensitive skin or come in scents that are milder and less abrasive to those averse to certain fragrances.

Interested in creating your own health claims?

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