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Turmeric Becomes Latest Natural Supplement to Attain Clinical Backing

New research in the realm of natural supplements has just come to light with a study published in the British Medical Journal, stating Turmeric may be an effective treatment for indigestion. The study directly compared this natural supplement with a commonly used indigestion medication: omeprazole, and found it to be just as effective in pain relief and satisfaction.

Background on Turmeric

These findings are in line with extensive background research which highlights the health benefits of the beneficial ingredient in turmeric, a compound called curcumin. Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and has been touted as a remedy for indigestion. Other studies, such as a 2019 literature review, suggest curcumin acts to calm the inflammation that leads to stomach upset.

All About the Study

The study followed a randomized, double-blind controlled trial, the gold standard for clinical trial designs. This design involved researchers assigning participants to three groups: one receiving the traditional medication (omeprazole), one receiving a curcumin supplement, and one receiving both. This approach to clinical research provides robust protection against bias, as neither the researchers nor the participants know which group they have been assigned to.

All participants were recruited from hospitals in Thailand from 2019 to 2021, and every participant had comparable clinical profiles and indigestion symptoms. The participants were assigned to their group and given one of the treatment arms for 28 days, at which point they were assessed using a survey-style measure of indigestion symptoms called the severity of dyspepsia assessment (or Soda score.) The Soda scores were also reevaluated after 56 days, to determine the long-term efficacy of curcumin in comparison to that of the medicine.

Why Does this Clinical Research Matter?

Further, the results of this research have been shared transparently by the BMJ as well as a variety of media outlets - setting a great precedent for other natural ingredient studies! It is incredibly beneficial for brands marketing natural ingredients to make the clinical evidence supporting their formulas easily accessible. The availability of information empowers consumers to confidently make purchasing decisions, and find the products that will most effectively address their health concerns.

This turmeric study is a great example of transparent research on natural ingredients - which can often be a muddled field. However, in recent years it has become essential for supplement brands to provide scientific support for their natural formulas. This trend benefits brands and consumers alike in several key ways:

  1. Brands are better able to showcase their formulas’ performance, bolstering brand reputation and sales.

  2. Consumers use research and peer feedback to set realistic expectations for products (and therefore avoid disappointment!)

  3. Brands are better insulated against regulatory authority backlash by only providing supported product claims.

  4. Consumers can access all of the research done on a formula, increasing their trust in a product or brand.

Wrapping Up

Overall, this study on turmeric for indigestion is a fantastic example of the power of clinical research in supporting natural supplement ingredients. This level of transparent, accessible research is crucial to the success of supplement brands looking to support their product claims. Clinical studies such as this one can elevate brands’ reputations and boost sales, by lending legitimacy to the ingredients they use to support health, such as turmeric. This in turn empowers consumers to make better choices for their health and wellness, contributing to higher quality of life and more satisfied customers. In short, presenting findings clearly is nearly as important as the research itself for the long-term success of consumer brands.

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