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What Claims do Consumers Care about?

When creating health claims for your supplement, skincare, or cosmetics products, it can be difficult to know what information consumers will actually want to know. Health claims reveal how your product has performed in various areas of concern when tested via clinical research, but they can also encompass broader consumer interests such as success rates, user experience, and long-term benefits.

Today, we’ll overview the kinds of claims you should prioritize when investing in clinical research for your brand.

Focus on Performance Claims

Naturally, the main focus of any clinical trial for a consumer product should be performance claims, these showcase the efficacy of your product and make up the bulk of clinical research results. However, it isn’t always as obvious which specific kinds of performance claims your customers will be most interested in. We have compiled three simple areas of focus you might want to consider when designing a trial to test out performance claims.

User Success Rate for Primary Endpoint

Your consumer product was designed to address a specific health or wellness concern, and its effectiveness at doing so should be the heart of your research goals. It is essential to create claims surrounding the statistical success rate your users have had with your product, as this is the main marketing claim new customers will be looking for.

This is even possible to create with consumer perception studies, as you can still collect statistics from your participants’ qualitative feedback if you design your study questionnaire around a specific endpoint.

User Experience

Consumers have access to a wider market of products than ever before, and the truth is many formulas provide the same or similar effects. One way to stand out from the crowd is to create claims about the user experience of your product. For skincare and cosmetics brands, these claims may be in regard to the product’s application or the convenience of your packaging. For supplements, this can include any immediate benefits or the ease of use (e.g., does your supplement come in tincture form for those who don’t like swallowing pills?)

Long-term Benefits

While your product may provide immediate health and wellness benefits, consumers are increasingly interested in the lasting effects of your product. This can be especially important in cosmetics where products can look great on the skin upon application, but may not necessarily provide benefits to the skin with long-term wear.

If you are able to showcase your product’s longitudinal benefits, you are more likely to draw in users who value product loyalty and long-term health and wellness routines.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

Citruslabs provides a simple and affordable way to prove that your products actually work. At Citruslabs, we design a clinical trial that is right for you and your budget, so that you can start sharing research-backed product claims without spending a fortune. We offer the cohesive planning and management required to conduct successful clinical trials, from start to finish. Ready to get started? Let's talk! You can contact us here.


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