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Face Rollers - Clinical Evidence

Face rollers, typically made from jade or other stones, have grown in popularity alongside traditional gua sha as a technique to improve skin care product absorption and decrease the look of puffiness.

Health Claims

Face rollers are said to improve circulation and tighten the skin, as well as reduce the appearance of puffiness overall. Some people say that ice rollers in particularly (stainless steel rollers you keep in the fridge or freezer) may decrease inflammation by encouraging blood flow and temporarily tightening the pores.

Anecdotally, some people believe that engaging in face massages may help to boost your mood, and are easily accomplished through using a face roller.

Clinical Evidence

There are a few studies that suggest using a face roller may increase blood circulation, after even a five-minute massage. Other research suggests that the de-puffing effects may be due to the dispersal of fluids in the face, as is the case for gua sha massages which work to drain and disperse built-up lymphatic fluids in the face, chin, and neck.

As for the mood-boosting effects, the evidence is somewhat conflicting. There is some older research that points to the link between facial massages and the sympathetic nervous system, which has been shown to increase mood ratings. This does not account for the presence or absence of a facial roller, but in theory, it should demonstrate the same effects.

It should be noted that as with other facial massage techniques, and decrease in puffiness will be a temporary result. It is not possible to change facial structure through face massages, regardless of the tools implemented, and facial rollers will need to be used daily for daily de-puffing if that is your goal. Otherwise, they can be a great tool for working in your skincare products and engaging in an enjoyable few minutes of self-care.

Tip: Pop your roller into the freezer before use for an extra soothing effect!

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