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Guide to Skincare Research: What Claims Matter?

Whether you’re a veteran of skincare clinical research or just starting out, creating health claims that are useful in modern marketing can be challenging. It is vital to understand the kinds of claims that potential product users are on the lookout for, such as those relating to specific skin concerns, overall appearance, or suitability for use with makeup.

Specific Skin Concerns

Most of the time when people seek out new skincare products, it’s because something is affecting their complexion that they would like to address. Skin concerns are different for everyone, so your claims (just like your products) should not try to cover them all, but should focus on tackling a specific niche. For instance, if your product is targeted toward acne-prone skin, creating product claims about redness reduction or fewer breakouts should be your goal.

Having specific goals in mind before beginning research forms the foundation for your clinical trial’s primary endpoints, which are the markers by which your products’ performance is measured. This in turn will allow you to create effective health claims that you can use to market your product to a given skin concern.

Overall Appearance

If your skincare products address overall skin health and appearance rather than a specific concern, you should still approach marketing claims similarly. When a brand’s claims are too general or vague, they can come across as untrustworthy - like you’re trying to sell a “cure-all” product that can’t possibly live up to expectations.

Instead, appeal to specific facets of skin health and appearance, such as dewiness, elasticity, or reduced discoloration.

Suitability for Use with Makeup

For those skincare users who apply makeup as part of their daily routine, the compatibility of your product with their most reached-for cosmetics is essential (and often overlooked in skincare research!)

This is particularly relevant for daytime products, or “last-step” products such as sunscreens or moisturizers that make up the final stage of someone’s skincare routine. If you know your product is marketed toward makeup wearers, be sure to cater to them in your clinical research. Seek out health claims related to the ease of application, level of lasting tackiness or stickiness, and even consider generating consumer perception data on how makeup sits on top of your product.

Want to create your own clinical trial?

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